Call for Humanity
  • 28/12/2008

Call for Humanity

Dear ALL

Honorable People of the World, As well known and apparent in the news; the world is witnessing the most brutal and ruthless invasion history has ever addressed, when the Israeli army attacking with their war machine, the armless people of Gaza, who have been exhausted for many months form strive, illness, and the lack of the most normal life ingredients; food, healthcare, and power….

We are here calling from the tribune of Automata4 Group, calling all free and honorable people of the world, who still have human hearts beating with right, honor and mercy, to raise their voices high in the face of the human-like beasts of Israelites to stop their aggression on Gaza; demanding the instant halting of this parade of military might against the children, women, and armless citizens of Gaza.

People of the world....Say NO for oppression and annihilation of people of GAZA.