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Automata4 at a Glance

Automata4 Group is a regional company dedicated to providing high quality custom IT solutions and Consulting services. Through our presence in many locations around the world and the strategic alliances we have with IT firms from the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas, Automata4 Group provides local, regional, national and global resources to clients all over the globe in the world of IT development and consulting. The company has nearly doubled its income in the last three years serving more than 63 clients and huge enterprises in many regions around the world.

Automata4 Group services range from product development outsourcing, to full eBusiness/eGovernment solution definition, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Automata4 Group has demonstrated its capabilities by having successfully served clients worldwide and insuring their success through a unique combination of a collaborative, consultative approach; technical capability; and high-quality global delivery model.

Automata4 Group helps its clients succeed through a unique combination of a collaborative, consultative approach; technical capability; and high-quality global delivery model. Automata4 Group has domain expertise in the following areas: eGovernment, eBusiness, Telecommunications, Finance and Banking, and Transportation. Technology capabilities include Microsoft Technologies, Open Source technology, Network Technologies, Unix Technologies, DB Development, and UML. Due to the nature of Automata4 Group's client base, Automata4 Group uses the most advanced technologies, tools, and quality processes to deliver custom tailored solutions.

Some of our highlight achievements are our R&D Department, our plan to get a CMMI Level 3 certified, our conversion to the MOST NEWEST International Standards (BPMN - Business Process Modeling Notation, SOA - Service Oriented Architecture, BMM - Business Motivation Model, UML - Unified Modeling Language, BPD - Business Process Diagrams, BAM - Business Activity Monitoring) and a lot more.

Automata4 Group is committed to providing superior systems integration services, providing full eBusiness solutions in tandem with professional consultancy to clients in the local, regional, and international markets. This is achieved through a highly experienced team of engineers and consultants, supported by strategic partnerships and coupled with the utilization of higher standards and methodologies.

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We do what we love & we love what we do.

Software are crucial to the success or failure of most businesses.
  • Automated Software
  • Build a complete management system for your whole company, offering different kinds of Suite like iGov, iGate, Edutech and Medicana
  • Website & Mobile Development
  • Build your Website with the most High-tec Solutions with technical support and a long-term maintenance


Automata4 Group will maintain the position of the leadership in the information technology industry by offering the best and most efficient current business technology resources available to our valued customers.
We are built on relationships with our customers, understanding their needs, and helping them by providing the most up-to-date, cost-effective software solutions to promotes and preserves their way of business.


  • To promote and preserve our clients' ways of business.
  • To work hard to ensure our clients success.
  • To maintain the competitive edge of the industry.
  • To constantly working to make it easier and easier for our clients to get their ideas to the market so that they can truly unleash all their potentials with powerful and effective custom software.

So this is your invitation to show to the rest of the world all the great ideas and potentials you have. And as always we will be there standing by you.


We offer organizations one resource with the proven ability to design, deliver, and manage entire-enterprise integrated solutions.
Whether you are looking forward to generate a business web presence, build your intranet or complex enterprise solutions, Automata4 Group offers you one-stop shop for all your IT and consulting needs.

Business First

We strongly believe that a well-planned business process is the solid basis for any eminent successful enterprise.
Hence, we are ready to offer you a new vision for business processes and analysis.


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We create dreams for the future.
We realize them successfully.

Automata4 Group was originally started in 2003; at a time when web development companies rarely exist in Middle East. You might think because the company is named Automata4 Group that there were four equal partners at the beginning That wasn't the case however. The real reason for the name Automata4 Group is because the name we chose first "Automata" was reserved as a domain name; and somehow adding 4 to the end of the name sounded so good.





In late 2004, Ammar Fallaha, CEO, came to a crossroad in his life Either continue his career as an employee of  AT&T Communications - USA or make a leap of faith and start a business that not many were sure would be around in a few years He decided to follow his passion and moved across countries to Aleppo - Syria. Armed with one active client and no savings to speak of, he picked up job after job and made the business work.

In mid 2005 the jobs started flowing in faster than one person could handle so we started adding people And as our reputation increased, so did our growth. We incorporated, moved into commercial office space and continued to build an impressive list of clients And as our client's needs changed, we changed along with them





To this day we've funded all our growth internally from profits; without loans or venture capital We've remained debt-free and grown at over 150% every year of our existence We've also done something not many companies in our industry have, turned a profit every single quarter While our continued growth will require changes in our strategies, we're proud of what we've achieved so far


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