Software Engineering Tools (SET)

Automata4 Group (a Software house) through its journey to seek to be CMMI Level 3 certified company, had discovered that there are FEW tools that help with the Software Engineering Process, but these tools are NOT FULLY INTEGRATED and come in different platforms/DB/Technology,....which makes it very difficult to any software house to use not unless they want to duplicated their efforts by re-entering their data many times in many applications

Thus we have developed a set of Software Engineering Tools that are FULLY integrated from an organization's point of view for anyone in the software engineering area that would like to work according to the CMMI model.

As we all know Software Engineering is mainly controlled/directed by/managed by western side of the hemisphere (especially by the US) and targeted toward English Speaking personals. Not to mention that the CMMI process is fully funded by the American DoD and few MENA-based companies has adopt it (about 25 MENA-ICT companies have CMMI Level 3 certificates).

We felt that developing such rare integrated tools that have it all in one package and support the Arabic Language (The tool can be viewed totally in the Arabic Language as interfaces and contains all SE vocabularies in Arabic language) is a very good step toward bringing MENA ICT to a global stage.

SET consists of:

Project Management System

   Project Information
   Project Defined Process (PDP)
   Project WBS
   Project Estimation
   Project Scheduling
   Project Resources
   Project Stakeholders & Commitments
   Risk Management
   Project Meetings
   Issues Tracking and Control
   PMO Dashboard

Engineering and Support Systems

   Product Development Management
     Customer & Product Requirements
     Use Cases
     Test Cases & Scenarios
     Detailed Design

   Verification and Validation

   Configuration Management
   Quality Assurance
   Training System

Organization's Process Assets Library

   Organizational Process Management
     Process Improvement Management
     Process Tailoring Management

   Policies Tool
   Standards Tool
   Frequently Asked Questions
   Knowledge Library Tool
   Tools Technical Libraries
   Lessons Learned Tool
   Organizational Measurement System
   OPAL Search Engine