Research Arabia

Automata4 Group has announced the launching of its newest project Research Arabia®

Research Arabia is a common forum for the exchange of information and for promoting collaborative research programs with individuals, research organizations, universities, private sector, and governments in the Middle East region.

In Addition the Intention of setting up this portal is to provide a platform for undergraduates, postgraduate students who are doing Master and PHD programs as well as academic researchers to share ideas and resources otherwise not provided in the public domain. As we know, most research papers are kept by universities and they are not available for public viewing except for their own students as well as paying subscribers. So, we hope that by having this portal we will be able to share our knowledge freely and everybody have access to our research findings just like what Wikipedia have done for the encyclopedia readers. It is our vision to see that many researchers in the Middle East can publish their research papers here irrespective of nationality, race and religion.